Anika to filter out Tania from Oberois in Ishqbaaz


Anika has found a way to send Tania away from Shivay. Shivay and Anika got Tania between them. Shivay and Anika’s recent marriage gets the hurdle. Tania threatens Shivay on finding him alone. Tania commands him to obey him, as he can’t tell anyone the truth. He tells her that he wants water, and he wants to go out of his room. She asks him to stay in room and ask someone for water. He tells her that it will look much weird, and also his family can doubt on her. Tania’s entry is mysterious. Shivay’s life will get many changes again. Tania bosses around. He gets blackmailed by her. Tania has done his accident and came in Oberoi mansion as his wife.

Tania’s motives will be known. Tania troubles him. Anika adds Jamalgota in the drink and tells Khanna that she will give this to Tania. She asks Khanna to help her. She tells him that she will keep Tania away from Shivay, and then find out why is he behaving like he has lost his partial memory. She knows Shivay is in trouble, and Tania is blackmailing him. She goes to Shivay and Tania, and offers them the drink. Sahil comes there to get the cool drink. Anika worries that Sahil will fail her plan.

Anika stops him and says guest is like Lord, and they have to feed guests well. Tania asks Anika to let Sahil have the drink. Anika tells Tania that they can’t spoil kids by listening to them always. Anika will do something to protect Shivay from Tania’s evil.

Anika gets confused when Shivay and Tania mix the glasses. She worries and tells them that they have made her temper high and she wants the drink to cool her mind. She drinks one to clear her confusion. She doesn’t want Sahil or Shivay to have trouble by her plans. She then makes Tani drink the other glass. Tania becomes the target of Jamalgotal and runs to washroom. Anika hides sand sees her going. She gets happy. She catches Shivay and asks him to speak up, why is he acting alienated. She wants to know the truth. She demands him to involve her in his plans.



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