Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita learns Shagun-Raman’s trick


Ruhi thinks of dropping kids to school. Ruhi tells Adi that she has to talk to Pooja about Riya. Adi asks her to go and pick Riya. Raman tells Shagun that Nikhil has tried to meet Ruhi. Shagun tells him that Nikhil has doubt that he has framed him. She asks him not to let Ruhi meet him, else she will know he has framed Nikhil. Adi finds Raman worried. Raman tells Adi that he has problem with Nikhil. Adi tells him that Ruhi has gone to pick Riya. Raman worries on knowing that Ruhi has gone to meet Nikhil.

Ruhi confronts Nikhil for ruining so many lives. Ishita assures Raman that she will get Ruhi back. Raman fears Ruhi will learn the truth. Nikhil tells Ruhi that he is innocent and he didn’t do anything. He asks Ruhi to hear the truth. Ruhi doesn’t know the truth. Ishita sends Ruhi away. She learns the truth from the girl, that Shagun has framed Nikhil. She realizes Nikhil is innocent. She feels sorry for Shagun and Raman’s blunder. She asks the girl to clear Nikhil’s name from wrong blames. Pooja limits Ruhi from meeting Riya. Ruhi feels heartbroken. Shagun asks Raman not to feel guilty. Raman hopes Ruhi forgets Nikhil.



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