Naamkarann: Avni lays a plan for Dayavanti


Dayavanti asks Neil to choose either of Avni or everyone else. She asks Neil to decide fast. Gurumaa tells Neil that he can’t take Juhi with him, as she is now Meher of her Rangmahal. She tells him that she has made her beautiful and she has worked hard on her. Avni loses hope and tells Dayavanti that she will stay back to save everyone. She sees Neil wishing to save Juhi. She asks Neil to let her go, as Dayavanti and Gurumaa will not get quiet. Dayavanti asks Neil did he choose Juhi. Neil tells her that just good will win over evil. She tells her that he will save all the innocent girls. Avni tells Neil to see his law, the criminals are still on loose, no laws are able to stop them, how can laws harm them.

She tells Neil that she will end the fight here, she will surrender to Dayavanti and save everyone. Gurumaa asks her men to make a video of Avni and send to Neil so that he knows what happens when she joined hands with Dayavanti. Neil feels ashamed seeing the men bidding for Avni. Dayavanti expresses her hatred for Avni. Neil gets raging seeing their evil.

Ali gets angry and tells Dayavanti that he has told the truth to Neil that she was behind all the attacks. Neil and Ali gets angry on them to save Avni. Avni doesn’t want anyone’s life to go because of her. Neil feels helpless. Dayavanti and Gurumaa insult Avni a lot. Neil protects Avni from the creepy men. Dayavanti asks him to get his dilemma cleared and make his choice. Gurumaa blackmails Juhi about her family member. Juhi recalls someone and refuses to go with Neil. He can’t believe her decision. After much drama, Avni finds a way to trap Dayavanti and Gurumaa. Neil asks Juhi to think of starting a new life. He gets angry on her for agreeing to Gurumaa. Neil reprimands Juhi on her decision. Avni gets a chance to catch Gurumaa. Avni threatens to kill her. She manages to save all the innocent girls.


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