Raman fears to receive Ruhi’s hatred in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New troubles mount up for Raman

Ishita tells Aaliya that Nikhil is innocent. Aaliya loses trust in him. Ishita thinks of revealing the truth. Ruhi Romi advises Aaliya to spice up her life by surprising Adi. Mihika doubts on Romi by hearing his words. Ishita confronts Shagun and Raman for their misdeed. She asks them how can they ruin Ruhi’s life. Shagun tells her that they made Ruhi’s life better. She asks Ishita not to back up Ruhi, her way to support Ruhi always is wrong. Ishita asks them if they thought what will happen when Ruhi knows the entire truth, they will fall in Ruhi’s eyes.

She asks Raman to realize his step has affected Nikhil and Riya’s relation as well. She says Ruhi will hate them. Raman threatens to end his ties with Ishita, if she tells truth to Ruhi. Ishita tells him that she will never tell anything to Ruhi. She doesn’t want to support them either. Mihika shares her doubt on Romi with Mihika. Ruhi too gets a doubt on Romi. Raman fears Ruhi will know his truth and hate him. He loses his peaceful sleep. Parmeet fills Simmi’s ears by acting good and innocent. Simmi feels happy seeing Parmeet working so hard. Romi gets a surprise seeing Mihika’s new avatar. He asks Mihika not to try anything such. Ruhi learns Raman’s truth that he has framed Nikhil. She confronts Raman for his bad deed of ruining Nikhil’s life.