Saaya lays conditions to test Harman’s love in Shakti

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Harman reaches the kinners house to get Soumya. After becoming Gurumaa, Soumya has realized her love and wants to return to him. The kinners have got against Harman and Soumya. Soumya argues with them. She tells Saaya that she loves Harman, and Saaya has supported their love before, what happened now. Harman tells Saaya that he has come to take his wife, he will accept her. Saaya asks him will Soumya accept him. Harman asks her what does she want, why is she not letting Soumya go now, he is ready to do anything. Saaya had cleared to Soumya before that she has to make many sacrifices after becoming Gurumaa, Soumya had decided to become Gurumaa and now she goes against her own decision. Saaya is angry that Soumya didn’t stay on her words, she has to stick to her commitment whatever happens.

She scolds Soumya for joking. Saaya fails to send Harman away. She asks Harman to fulfill some conditions and promises none will interfere between Harman and Soumya. Saaya takes a stand so that Harman understands that she can’t put the community at stake. Harman asks Saaya to tell the conditions and he will fulfill each one. Saaya asks Harman to secure Soumya’s future, if anything happens to him, will Preeto and Harak keep Soumya at home. Soumya asks Saaya to better kill her and end this relation, rather than forcing Harman for fulfilling conditions. Saaya reminds Soumya her duties. She says Soumya is like my daughter, I want to do her bidaai with satisfaction that she stays fine under all circumstances. Kinners ask Harman to leave and come back when he has all answers.



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