Kanak plans a Krishna Leela play in Tu Sooraj…


Kanak meets Bhabho and takes her guidance to solve the problem posed by Uma. She tells Uma that he will become Krishna and she will become Rukmani in the act. She gives the roles to everyone. She tells everyone their roles. She gets emotional. She has kept the Shri Krishna play at home. She tells Uma that she has never known much of Krishna, she has just heard the Leela.

She says I haven’t see Krishna and have much devotion for him. She loves Shri Krishna. Uma tells her that true love is like devotion. He gets glad by Kanak’s Krishna Leela plan. Kanak has a motive behind the play. She wants to open Uma’s eyes and subject few things which he doesn’t want to accept. She realizes just devotional approach can fill some sense in Uma, else he won’t listen to anyone. Uma thinks Kanak is opposing his Dharm customs. Kanak wants to mend his ways by something which he doesn’t take as refusal.


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