Anami to face humiliation in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Adhiraj’s sister Tania starts falling for Avdhoot. She happens to meet him in college. She gets interested in him. Avdhoot too plays along. Avdhoot asks the college students to humiliate Anami, and make her out of the college. The group gets ready to insult Anami and send her out. Anami enters the college and holds confidence. Dada ji tells about Dheeru’s deal. He loses trust on Dheeru, who has made his help turn into a business deal. He tells Dadi how Dheeru is blackmailing him.

She doesn’t believe anything against Dheeru. He tells her that Dheeru wants equal stake in Royal Steels. Baldev gets angry knowing Dada ji wants to make Dheeru their partner. He gets against Dada ji’s decision. Dada ji decides to make Dheeru their partner just to save Royal Steels. Baldev apologizes to Dada ji for his one mistake which made him lose Dada ji’s trust.

Anami becomes the target of the college students. They all humiliate Anami. Anami teaches a lesson to the college students. She shows her real cool attitude. Dada ji has believe in Dheeru, that he will not harm Royal Steels. Pujan suggests Dada ji to take consent of board of directors. Anami gives a lecture to the students. Tania gets to meet Anami in college. Anami and Tania become friends. Tania tells Adhiraj that she has made a friend, while Anami earns more enemies in college.


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