Love realization moment for Advay in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Advay meets Indrani to make her realize where she landed because of her crimes. He tells her that she is now lonely and her loneliness will surely break her down. He fulfills his revenge. Advay’s parents’ name get cleared. Indrani’s crimes get revealed to everyone. Advay realizes Chandni has earned his lost respect back. He feels thankful to Chandni. Advay realizes Chandni is not at fault. He feels she has done everything for him. He realizes Chandni’s love for him was much true. He thinks of meeting Chandni.

Meghna turns up at home to meet Advay and reveal the truth of her child. She wants to return happiness to Chandni and Advay. She reveals that its her child, and Chandni took care of her child, being a selfless soul. She tells Advay how Chandni has always saved her family by risking herself. She asks Advay not to punish Chandni for their crimes. Advay realizes Chandni has made many sacrifices for others.

Chandni feels she can never break her ties with her dad. She feels sorry for his crimes. Yash gets his memory back and apologizes to Advay. He falls in Advay’s feet to repent for his sins. Yash realizes his huge mistake. Advay learns that Chandni has gone away. Advay doesn’t want Chandni to get away. Maasi asks Advay if he loves Chandni. Advay accepts that he loves Chandni and he will not lose her.

Advay gets another surprise when he gets his long lost brother Miku back. Advay’s family gets completed with Miku’s return. Miku tells how Chandni has found him and told him about their relation. Chandni gets the credit for Miku’s return. Meghna asks Chandni to go back to Advay. Chandni doesn’t want to hurt him more. She decides to get far from everyone. Will Advay find her? Keep reading.


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