Neil’s attempt to change Aman succeeds in Naamkarann


Neil tells Dayavanti that Aman has shown him the safest way to enter Rangmahal. He breaks her trust on Aman. Juhi gets angry on Gurumaa, who threatens her about her child. Juhi loses her temper and decides to kill Gurumaa. Dayavanti gets angry on Aman for supporting Avni. Neil asks Aman to decide with whom he wants to be. Dayavanti doesn’t let Aman go.

Aman doesn’t want to die. He surrenders to Neil. Juhi stabs Ragini and takes revenge from her. She ends the tortures. Aman doesn’t want to side with Dayavanti. This makes her against Aman as well. She tries to shoot down Aman, but Avni saves Aman and gets shot. Gurumaa frees Juhi in her last breath. She tells Juhi that Neil doesn’t love her now, and Neil is of Avni now. She tells Juhi that she will fall lonely. Juhi is happy to be out of the hell.

Juhi begs her to tell about her child. Gurumaa doesn’t tell anything about Juhi’s daughter. Ragini pandit breathes her last. Juhi gets shattered as she fails to know anything about her daughter. Aman plays a game and gets Dayavanti in confidence. Neil has shown Dayavanti’s real face to Aman, and helps him decide whom to support. Aman chooses to support Avni. He sees Dayavanti’s true ugly side. Avni asks Neil not to risk his life for her. Dayavanti gets angry on Aman for cheating her. Avni tells Aman about their dad. She says Dayavanti has killed Aisha and Ashish also. Aman understands Dayavanti has never loved him. Avni makes him see the truth. Avni tells Dayavanti that she wants to die by Aman’s hands. Aman acts to save Avni’s life. He determines to take revenge from Dayavanti.


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