Omkara to rebuild his relation with Gauri in Ishqbaaz

Omkara tells Anika that she shouldn’t worry about Shivay in Ishqbaaz

Omkara learns Gauri is innocent. Omkara was doubting on her character. He felt Gauri doesn’t deserve to be his wife, and ends relations with her on an ugly note. He feels sorry for his bad behavior. He recalls making Gauri leave from his life. Omkara gets ready to make up to her. Omkara takes a cool avatar. Om goes to get Gauri home. Omkara plans to meet Gauri and apologize to her. On the other hand, Shivay and Anika secretly meet. They don’t want to get sighted by Tania. Tania is trying to keep Anika and Shivay away. She hears Shivay talking to someone in bathroom. She knocks and asks Shivay whom is he talking to. He lies that he was talking on call. She says I heard a girl’s voice.

Shivay asks can’t I talk to some girl on phone. Tania doesn’t believe him. Shivay asks her is she going to check. He stops her. Tania is following someone’s orders. She is also monitored. She has become a puppet because she is also helpless. She asks someone to meet her. She gets angry on herself. She holds her frustration. She asks the person to meet her. The guy refuses to meet. She tells him that she is doing everything as he said, and she wants to see him once.

Tania can’t harm anyone. She has not seen that guy ever. He always neglects her. She tells him that she wants to know who is he and why is he doing this. She asks the guy why does he not want to meet her. She doesn’t know if the guy is someone from Oberoi family. Tania is forced to make Shivay and Anika away.


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