Advay-Chandni’s union marks the closure for IPKKND 3


Advay becomes Chandni’s Dev. He tracks her down, when she gets away from him. He tells Chandni that he has come to take her along. She tries to leave from his life. He professes his love for Chandni. Advay proposes her in a filmi manner. He tells her that if she goes, she will find him everywhere, she can’t go away from him. He admits his mistakes to trouble her, even when she was not guilty. He apologizes to her for his mistakes. Chandni doesn’t respond to him. He tells her that he is strange according to her, and he just wants to spend his life with her. He leaves the decision to her. Chandni doesn’t let him get away. Chandni accepts his proposal. They have a cute romantic moment. They sort all their differences.

Leela doesn’t want to accept Chandni at ant cost. She doesn’t feel any favor. She has hatred for Chandni. She tells Nani that she will prefer to leave the house. Nani explains Leela that her rudeness will make her away from them forever. She doesn’t let Leela leave. Miku plays a prank on Shikha. He admits his love for her, and proposes. Shikha too reciprocates his love. The couple unites. Advay gets Chandni home. The family gets happy. Advay and Chandni learn Miku and Shikha are in love. They fool the couple in love. Advay and Chandni have a union. Their sweet moments mark the closure of the third season of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.



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