High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth and Shorvori recall their past moments. Shorvori’s mum in law gives her the thaali for Karwachauth fast. Shorvori doesn’t behave well. Parth’s mum Indu gets the Sargi for her lovely bahu. Shorvori tells her that she will not keep the fast for Parth. Indu asks her what is she saying, every wife wants to pray for her husband’s long life. She says Parth loves you a lot, you love him too, why don’t you wish to be fine and happy. Shorvori says you have always disliked me, you wanted this, and now when its happening, why are you angry. Indu calls it enough. She says you can’t be regarded as a daughter, I will also treat you as a Saas now. Shorvori says you have never loved me, you just came here for Parth’s sake. She asks Indu to leave.


Neil and Avni have a romantic moment. Avni gets on her knees and proposes Neil for marriage. Neil accepts her proposal and happily hugs her. Avni slips and falls in danger. Neil saves her life once again. They meet at the place where they met for the first time. Neil and Avni will be having a Catholic wedding. Shweta has planned their wedding. Avni looks like a fairy as a Catholic bride.


Yeh Rishta brings the marriage of Naksh and Kirti. The moment gets special. The time for Jaimala comes. Naksh and Kirti were waiting for the moment. Kartik tells Naksh that he has kept the Jaimala safe, and he has worked hard to get it. Kartik has kept the varmala in refrigerator, which gets frozen. The twist calls for a laugh. Kartik tries to get the garlands out from the ice. He tries to melt the ice. They all ask how will they make Naksh and Kirti exchange frozen garlands. They laugh on Kartik’s stupidity to hide garlands in the freezer. The moment becomes memorable. Naira solves the problem.


Surbhi and Nani have come to kinners’ place to meet Saaya. They want to take Soumya with them. Nani says Saaya also regards Soumya as her daughter, so can’t she understand what Soumya’s heart wants. She asks Saaya to not cage Soumya. Saaya says Harman has tried to take Soumya with him, but failed, if he agrees to all her conditions, they can take Soumya. She says its all in Mata Rani’s hands now, Tarana will be here till Harman satisfies all the conditions.


Shivay is getting framed by Tania. Anika has kept her first Karwachauth fast for her love and life Shivay. Shivay appreciates Anika’s efforts. Shivay doesn’t know who is against him from his family. He confronts all the family members to know the fire incident happened 25 years ago in Kalyani Mills. The family members try to hide the matter from Shivay. Shivay gets a call which makes Tej worry that Shivay can know about the secret. Shakti and Pinky also panic. They all don’t want Shivay to know their evil deed. Pinky and Tej blame each other. The elders know the incident, but conceal it.

Woh Apna Sa:

Aditya makes Nisha away. He tries hard to save Jhanvi from Nisha. Samar hits Aditya, which comes as a shocker for Jhanvi and Aditya. Samar stops Nisha from killing Jhanvi, as he wants to marry Jhanvi. Samar throws Aditya in the death ring and gets Jhanvi with him. Jhanvi tells Samar that she hates him and he can never get her. She expresses her love for Aditya, which fuels anger in Nisha and Samar. Samar tells Jhanvi that if she can’t be of him, she has no right to die. Samar and Nisha kill Jhanvi as well.



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