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Dil Se Dil Tak:
Parth thinks of Shorvori. A sweet flashback scene will be seen. Parth and Shorvori romance. Parth tells her that none can love her more than him. Parth fills sindoor in her maang. He gets the old sindoor box and gets sad thinking of the old memories. Their beautiful love memories makes him cry. Parth loses in the colorful memories. Shorvori has no time to live her life with Parth. She gets Parth arrested. Teni informs Dada ji about Parth. Dada ji bails out Parth. Parth decides to keep a fast for Shorvori.


Maya comes to Arjun’s house. She checks his wardrobe and wears his shirt. Maya recalls the old memories and dances happily. She feels back in her lover’s life. Arjun and Saanjh are worried that Ayaan has taken Aarohi away from them. Maya feels wrong happened with her. She decides that if Arjun can’t be of her, he can’t be of anyone else. She is obsessed with Arjun. She has come back to get her rights. Maya feels she is much connected to Arjun.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naksh and Kirti’s post wedding rituals will be seen. Naksh and Kirti’s honeymoon trip will be planned in Greece. Naira and Kartik will be going along. Aryan will be accompanying them as well. Aryan will try to enjoy Goenkas’ richness. The Greece track will be starting soon.

Avni goes to Aisha’s grave and talks to Aisha. She tells about taking revenge from Dayavanti, and how Aman has helped her. She is glad that Aman has proved out to be Aisha’s son. Avni shares her happiness with Aisha. Avni emotionally breaks down when she misses Aisha’s presence in her life. Neil comes to support Avni. He consoles Avni. He promises to be with her always. He shows her the locket and tells Avni that both her mums are with her. He hugs Avni. He says Aisha will always be with her and Neela will guide her. He asks her not to feel Aisha is away. Avni and Neil will be marrying again. There will be a leap in the show. Neil and Avni will be seen as parents to a little kid. Juhi’s child’s entry will be happening. Juhi’s child was captivated by Gurumaa, who blackmailed Juhi and controlled her. Juhi was obeying Gurumaa to save her child. Juhi gets her child back. Juhi’s child will bring twists in Avni’s life.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja has saved Naren’s life, but Naren feels Surbhi has saved him. He decides to marry Surbhi. Surbhi gets power in her hands, when Naren supports her. Surbhi humiliates Pooja. she throws her bags. Surbhi asks Pooja to leave out of the house. They get into a fight. Pooja tells Surbhi that she has more rights on the house. Harish and Supriya support Pooja. Surbhi tells she can get court orders easily, but she doesn’t want to drag Vyas family in this. She tells Naren is going to marry her soon. Pooja gets insulted.

Woh Apna Sa:
Jhanvi and Aditya reach in the temple. Aditya asks Jhanvi not to worry, as they are together, nothing can happen. They get to see Nisha, who is waiting for them to give them death. Nisha attacks the couple and kills them.



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