Love confession and proposal time in Naamkarann


Avni sweetly proposes to Neil. She gets a ring and asks Neil if he will marry her. She drops the ring, which Neil catches. The couple gets a moment, filled with romance. Avni asks Neil will he accept her, even when she has many bad people connected to her. Neil knows her goodness. Neil has always told her that he loves her. He gets shocked when she proposes him. They get in a different emotional zone. Neil makes her wear the ring. He kisses her hand and is happy that Avni has finally learnt to acknowledge his feelings.

Avni confesses her love to Neil. Neil feels his dream turned true. He didn’t expect Avni to turn so romantic. Neil tells Avni about a truth related to Juhi. He tells Juhi has a daughter, and they have to find the girl. Avni feels bad and thinks its Neil’s child. Neil promises her that his past will never affect them. Avni tells him that his past doesn’t matter to her, as long as she has his love. Neil and Avni make love vows to each other. They look forward to get married and start a new life.



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