Surbhi attempts to get Soumya home in Shakti


Surbhi and Nani have come to kinners’ place to meet Saaya. They want to take Soumya with them. Nani says Saaya also regards Soumya as her daughter, so can’t she understand what Soumya’s heart wants. She asks Saaya to not cage Soumya. Saaya says Harman has tried to take Soumya with him, but failed, if he agrees to all her conditions, they can take Soumya. She says its all in Mata Rani’s hands now, Tarana will be here till Harman satisfies all the conditions.

Surbhi says we also have a right on Soumya, none can stop them from taking Soumya. Saaya asks them why is Soumya here if they loved her so much. She asks Surbhi to wait for a good mahurat to see Soumya as Gurumaa of kinners. She asks Nani where will they take Soumya, if they can talk about rights, they would have kept Soumya at home. She answers Surbhi and Nani, and shows them the door. She tells them that she is doing all this for Soumya’s betterment, and one day they will also realize this. Surbhi and Nani sadly leave.



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