Neil and Avni get a surprise in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Aman blames Dayavanti for turning him into a bad person. He threatens of killing Dayavanti. Neil asks him not to do the crime. Aman doesn’t agree and decides to go ahead to punish Dayavanti. Aman burns her alive. Neil and Avni feel evil ended. Avni succeeds in keeping Aisha’s thinking alive. Aman admits all his mistakes. He apologizes to Avni. Neela learns what Aman did and praises him for admitting his mistakes and rectifying. Neil’s family waits for Neil and Avni.

They take care of Juhi, whom Ali gets home. Avni gets treated. She recalls Dayavanti’s end. Aman assures he has changed and now he is just Aisha’s son. Neil tells Avni that she has gone towards death and didn’t think about him, who was dying to think for her safety. He tells her that she didn’t think about him once. Avni asks Neil what will they do now, as Juhi came back and much changed. Neil asks Avni not to think about past. He makes it clear that he wants to move on in life with her. They have a moment.

Bebe and Shweta decide that Neil should be away from Juhi, and hence she can’t stay with them. Shweta says Neil just loves Avni now. Neil arrests Aman for his crime. Aman asks Avni not to help him, as he wants to bear the punishment, he is proud of killing Dayavanti. He wants to remember the lesson. Neela and Avni feel bad for him, who got diverted from right path. Neil gets his job back. Everything falls in place. Ali thanks Juhi for helping her. Ali tells Neela that he has understood that Avni is made for Neil, none can separate them. Neela praises him to have a clean heart. Shweta and Neela fix a meet to talk about Neil and Avni. Everyone gets troubled by Juhi’s presence. Bebe wants to think for Neil and Avni first. Neil and Avni come home and get a musical surprise welcome by the family.


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