Runaway groom: Search for Naksh begins in Yeh Rishta…


Naira learns that Naksh is marrying Kirti just for her sake. She feels shattered to know Naksh has sacrificed his happiness. Naira sheds tears. Kartik pulls a prank on Kirti. Kirti beats him for his bad joke. Yash tells Naira that they can’t tell this to anyone, as this truth can break the relations between both families. He tells her that this marriage is a link between Goenkas and Singhanias. Yash tells her that they have to find Naksh soon. Naira fears to share the matter with Kartik.

Kartik finds her worried and understands she is tensed about Naksh. He tells her that they shouldn’t tell Naksh that Naitik is coming. Yash and Naira try hard to find Naksh. Aryan gets to see Naksh and tells Kartik. Singhania women do a sweet rasam with Kirti, and give their best wishes.

Manish gets upset with Aryan for spoiling his clothes by his stupidity. Aryan thinks of impressing Manish by finding Naksh. Everyone looks for Naksh. Naira doesn’t get Naksh anywhere. Naksh tries to talk to Naitik. He makes efforts to help Naitik. He realizes he should reach the marriage venue soon. Naksh falls down and gets locked inside the room. He fears that Kirti is waiting for him. Naira wishes Naksh comes back on time.



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