Harman to shift to kinners’ community in Shakti


Harman comes to meet Soumya. Kinners stop him. Harman points gun at them and stops then. He then argues with Saaya and hands over the gun to her, asking her to shoot him. He surrenders to Saaya. He says you just want me to be out of Soumya’s life, better end my life. He is ready to die in love. Saaya understands he truly loves Soumya. She tells him that she can’t kill him, as she knows he loves Soumya madly. Harman and Soumya love each other much like worshipping. She doesn’t let Harman and Soumya meet.

Saaya used to support them before. She has got strong now and wants Soumya to become Gurumaa. She has cleared to Soumya that after she becomes Gurumaa, she can’t return to her old life. She asks Harman to fulfill her terms and then he can take Soumya. Harman tells her that he will stay with them, true love is one which doesn’t change. Saaya says its not easy to stay with kinners. He tells her that he has failed to fulfill her conditions, so he has given up everything and came to stay with Soumya at her place. Harman tells Saaya that he will adjust and show he can do anything for his love.


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