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Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth and Shorvori cry to be together. Parth has kept a Karwachauth fast for Shorvori. He gets a sargi. He imagines Shorvori feeding him. He misses her much. He sees her around all the time. He loves Shorvori a lot and knows she loves him. Shorvori has also kept fast for him. She also eats sargi and misses him. They both are away, and long for each other.


Harman comes to meet Soumya. Kinners stop him. Harman points gun at them and stops then. He then argues with Saaya and hands over the gun to her, asking her to shoot him. He surrenders to Saaya. He says you just want me to be out of Soumya’s life, better end my life. He is ready to die in love. Saaya understands he truly loves Soumya. She tells him that she can’t kill him, as she knows he loves Soumya madly. Harman and Soumya love each other much like worshipping. She doesn’t let Harman and Soumya meet.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Bhabho and entire family come to Uma’s house. Uma welcomes them well. He pays respect to them. Meenakshi doesn’t get tea there. She gets Saunf water and doesn’t like it. Kanak tells her that Saunf water is good for digestion. Meenakshi feels free in Uma’s house. Meenakshi thinks how does Kanak stay in such a house. They get a shock to know Kanak is going to become a Sevika of Guru ji. Kanak takes a stand to save Saraswati. She wants to make Uma change his decision. Rathi family supports Kanak.


Gauri cries thinking of Omkara’s cheap accusations on her. She gets ready to keep the Karwachauth fast for Omkara. She wants his happiness. She prays for his long life. Omkara takes a disguise and meets Gauri. Gauri meets the women and prepares to sight the moon. Someone arrives to their house. Gauri tells the women that she will go and check. Gauri happens to go out and sight the moon to break the fast. She gets to see Omkara via the net. She sees Omkara, and doesn’t identify him.

Ishq Mein Marjawan:
Deep and Aarohi have gone on date. Deep is trying to use his charm on her. He is doing everything to win her heart. He gets her on a special date and organizes a photo shoot. They have a romantic moment. Deep does shayari and expresses his love to her. Aarohi falls for him. Deep and Tara are cheating Aarohi. Tara’s past will be seen. Tara has killed someone. Deep pacifies Tara and hides her crime.



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