Anami to learn Sudha-Baldev’s past in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Satrupa tries to keep Anami away from Narottam. She gets angry on Narottam. Anami insults Satrupa, while siding with Narottam. Anami is hurt that Satrupa has thrown her away after birth. Satrupa explains her that she was helpless. Anami reminds how she made her foster parents helpless to get her to Lal Mahal. Satrupa warns her about Narottam, who is not less than an enemy for them. Anami is against Satrupa, knowing the past. Satrupa and Anami challenge each other. Anami doesn’t get scared of any of her threatening. She instead asks Satrupa to be careful of her, who can make her fate worse.

Poonam lightens Anami’s mood by teasing her of Adhiraj. Anami gets a smile hearing about him. Meanwhile, Ila asks Adhiraj not to trust Anami, who has blood of Lal Mahal. Adhiraj gets angry on her when she spits poison against Anami. He warns her against saying anything against Anami again. Baldev meets Dheeru to threaten him against badly eyeing Lal Mahal. Dheeru takes his warnings lightly, as his intentions are not bad. He gets into an argument with Baldev. Baldev makes a leave from his house. Adhiraj is also upset with Dheeru for becoming Royal Steels partner. Anami spends some time with Dadi. She shares the college incident with Dadi. She asks Dadi about Narottam and Sudha. Dadi gets speechless. She tells Anami that Narottam is Baldev’s illegitimate son.


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