High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Uma misunderstands Kanak because of Paulmi. Kanak tells Uma that she didn’t complaint against him, whatever he has seen is wrong. Paulmi has dressed up as Kanak and went to police station to complain against Uma, who is torturing Saras by making her Sevika. Paulmi has misled Uma. Uma gets upset with Kanak. He asks her how many games will she play, why did she complain against him, he has read her name in the FIR, why did she organize Krishna Leela then.


Bhavya arrives for her new job. She gets a surprise on seeing Rudra. Bhavya has joined Rudra’s company as the security incharge. Rudra is heartbroken. They have become against each other. Bhavya asks Rudra why did he hire her, what’s this joke. Rudra tells her that he is not joking, he just wanted to keep her on work, as he knows her talents well. He wants to insult her and take revenge. He reminds her the slap, how she insulted him in front of everyone. He doesn’t know that Bhavya didn’t marry her friend Manav. He is mistaken about her.

Neil gets a call on wedding day and leaves from the venue. Avni gets annoyed with his move. Avni too leaves from the place, being upset. She doesn’t tell everyone where is she. Everyone tries to find her. Avni boards a flight. She thinks of Neil. She assumes Neil still loves Juhi, so she has left her in middle of the wedding. She meets a guy in the flight. The guy is with his daughter. He gets unwell. She helps him. She finds the little girl scared of him. She asks him why is his daughter addressing him as Sir. Avni starts spying. The guy Vidyut angrily scolds the air hostess for negligence. There will be a new entry in the show. Avni meets Vidyut, not knowing that he has some connection with Juhi. Vidyut will be bringing twists.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja has a drink in hand. She gets drunk and dances romantically around Naren. Naren gets away from Pooja as he hates her. Pooja confesses her feelings to Naren. He doesn’t believe her.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Parth misses Shorvori and sees her picture. He sits cornered. He sheds tears in her memory. Shorvori comes to meet Parth. Parth was waiting for her. She ends his wait. She breaks Parth’s fast. Parth and Shorvori kept the fast for each other. They sight the moon and break their fasts by fulfilling rituals. They have a romantic moment. It turns out to be his imagination. The family tries to cheer up Parth and sing songs in an Antakshari game.


Chakor is helpless and not able to meet Suraj. She can’t inform him about Ranvijay. Ranvijay gets angry on Chakor and asks who has called her, how did she get the phone. Ranvijay insults Chakor and his family also. He tells them that he will make them speak up the truth. He doesn’t want Chakor to contact anyone in her family, as he has fallen in love with Chakor. He is seeing a future with her. He angrily beats up the constable. Chakor stops his madness.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik sees Naksh and Yash’s video. He learns Naksh is marrying Kirti just to secure Naira in Goenka house. He confronts Naira. He says Naksh doesn’t love Kirti, he is marrying against his wish, he has cheated everyone. He says Naksh, Naira and everyone cheated Kirti. He says Naksh has lied to everyone, I will never forgive him. He asks Naira why did she not told him before, how can she hide such a big matter. Naksh and Kirti reach the mandap, holding hands. Manish does Kirti’s kanyadaan. Naira does their ghatbandhan. Naksh and Kirti take the wedding rounds. They fulfill all the rituals to get married.



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