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Shakti: Harman plays dhol and recalls Soumya. His love is too strong. The kinners dance on the dhol beats. Harman gets surrounded by them. Soumya reaches him. She tells Harman that she loves him a lot, and its the biggest truth of her life. Harman is fulfilling Saaya’s conditions. The kinners see Harman’s true love and realize what it the meaning of love. They feel that even kinners deserve love and wish to get someone like Harman. Harman’s selfless love makes Soumya proud. Everyone blesses Soumya and Harman. Harman is staying at Saaya’s house. He hopes Saaya will melt her heart and let him take Soumya around.


Juhi is in stuck in another problem. Juhi tells Neil and Avni about her daughter, who is trapped in child trafficking. Neil and Avni recently got remarried. They got a new hurdle. Juhi’s worry makes them worry. They try to find Juhi’s daughter. Neil assures Juhi that he will find her daughter. They all plan how to save the girl. The girl is in the clutches of Gurumaa’s son. Juhi gets threatened by the guy. After Gurumaa died, her son has become more revengeful. Juhi is afraid of him.

Ishq Mein Marjawan:

Aarohi thinks of making Deep’s favorite food in her first rasoi. She is happy to cook food in her new house. She doesn’t know Tara is around. The maid senses someone is there and talks of ghosts. Aarohi tells her that ghosts don’t exist. She gives a leave to the maid. Tara comes there and spoils Aarohi’s dish. Tara hides from Aarohi. Aarohi tries to look around. Deep comes there and saves Tara. Aarohi thinks Deep is teasing her. She asks him not to scare her, else she will complain to his mum. Everyone likes the sweets made by Aarohi.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Bhabho, Babasa and Meenakshi meet Kanak in her inlaws house. Maasi gets unhappy seeing them. Maasi hates Kanak and wants to get rid of her. Uma sees Paulmi in the market and follows her. Paulmi hides from him. Uma and Kanak get into a heated argument, because of Maasi and Paulmi’s bad plannings against Kanak. They want to use the situation against Kanak. They plant misunderstandings in Uma’s mind. Kanak doesn’t know who is framing her. Kanak tries to make Uma believe her. Uma confronts her for always lying and opposing his decisions. Kanak promises Saras that she will never let Saras become a Sevika.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Naina celebrates Raksha bandhan. She makes it unique by tying Rakhi to her dad and uncle, along with her brother. She tells they all protect her and deserve a Rakhi. The celebrations get doubled by her step. On the other hand, Nanu throws a surprise party for Sameer. Sameer likes the party and enjoys with Nanu and his friends. Sameer gets happy receiving a gift from Nanu.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahin:
Prem and Tejaswini have got together. Their love has won once again. Their life has become better with the love confessions. The misunderstandings got cleared. Prem and Tejaswini try to make everything fine between them. Prem wipes her tears. Prem fills sindoor in her hairline. They look forward to start a new life.


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