Avni shocks Neil by her decision in Naamkarann


Avni has decided to leave the house, when Neil leaves her in middle of the wedding. Avni tells her decision to Neela. She leaves a letter for Neil. Avni asks her to take care of Neil and his family. Neela asks her to stay back and take care of everyone. Avni doesn’t listen. Avni always have ups and downs in her life. Avni can’t handle her emotions. She doesn’t understand what’s happening with her. She asks Neela to support her. She praises Neela’s courage. Neela tries hard to stop her. Neil reads the letter. He gets heartbroken. Neela, Bebe and Shweta worry. The letter separates them.

Neil cries reading every word. Avni wants Neil and Juhi’s love to get revived. She asks Neil not to try to find her, as she is going very far from him. Neil shatters and cries. Avni has taken the step with a heavy heart. She hopes everyone understands that whatever she has done is for everyone’s good. Avni wants Neil to be happy from heart. She has seen him happy with Juhi, and thinks Neil and Juhi will have a happy family. Everyone tells Neil that it was his mistake to leave Avni alone and run to Juhi, and his move has made Avni take this step. Avni doesn’t want to hurt Neil’s heart. Neela cries for Avni’s love story not completing.

Avni was going to complete her childhood dream by marrying Neil in a Catholic way. She had a dream to wear a white gown in her wedding. Neela had fulfilled her dream. Neela didn’t know Neil will leave Avni waiting in the wedding. All the preparations go waste. The wedding doesn’t happen. Neil gets sad. He tells everyone that Avni has left him. He reads the letter to everyone. Avni tells him that she has sacrificed her happiness and love, as she knows Neil still loves Juhi. The family gets upset knowing this. Neil had made it clear to Avni that he loves her, but she doesn’t like petty things between Neil and Juhi. She doesn’t like them getting along. Will Neil find Avni and make her realize his love for her? Keep reading.



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