Durga finds a new inspiration in Meri Durga


Durga manages to get a wild card entry in the district race. She spots a thief running away with a bag. The people shout for help. Durga runs after the thief, unaware that the thief has looted her dad Yashpal. Durga runs much faster, which surprises the onlookers. They all praise Durga’s running speed. Durga manages to catch the thief and gets the bag to handover to its owner. She happens to see Yashpal, who acknowledges her talent in heart. He doesn’t applaud her, and goes for his work. Durga gets inspired after watching a play on Bhagat Singh. She gets ready to follow the same path and compete with a truck on the highway, as part of her running practice. Rajveer gets recovering. Durga gets a new hope.

Gayatri and Aarti build up pressure on Sanjay for marrying Aarti in order to secure Durga’s budding career. Sanjay unwillingly gives his nod for marrying Aarti. Sanjay tells Gayatri that he madly loves Durga and he can do anything to help Durga get back to victory. He agrees to marry Aarti just for Durga’s sake.



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