A fatal attack on Anami next in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Dadi tells Anami about Narottam, being Baldev’s illegitimate child. Anami learns about Sudha’s mental illness, but doesn’t believe her. Anami feels sad for Sudha, who didn’t get any rights. She feels Narottam is bearing injustice when he is not at any fault. She sympathizes with Narottam. Pujan thinks of getting Anami killed, so that heir’s place gets vacated again. He wants Avdhoot to become the rightful heir of Lal Mahal. Anami sets her mind to always protect Narottam and fight for his justice, whenever he needs her.

Pujan sends his goon to kill Anami. He informs the goon that Anami has left from Lal Mahal. The goon follows Anami to her college. Anami gets hugely upset when she knows Adhiraj has got her DNA test done without her notice. Adhiraj worries on learning that Anami knows about the second DNA test. He doesn’t know that Ila has attempted to break Anami and his friendship.

Anami falls unconscious. She is left alone and defenseless in college. She falls in danger when Pujan’s hired goon comes to kill her. Adhiraj reaches Anami to apologize to her. He finds her in danger and saves her from the goon in time. Adhiraj drops her to Lal Mahal. Satrupa gets thankful to him. She tries to find out about the attacker. Sudha sends her message to Satrupa to help her find the attacker. Will Satrupa agree to take Sudha’s help to find the culprit? Keep reading.


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