Deep manages an aggressive Tara in Ishq Mein Marjawa


Deep takes Aarohi for dinner. Tara doesn’t like Deep bonding with Aarohi. She asks him to spend more time with her. Tara gets more demanding. She follows Aarohi going against Deep. She mistakenly drops her bracelet in Aarohi’s room. Tara then checks her picture and spots the missing bracelet. She gets worried and thinks to go to Aarohi’s room again. Aarohi finds the bracelet. Deep lies to Aarohi that he has got the bracelet for her. He gifts her the bracelet. Deep’s charm makes Aarohi fall for him.

Aarohi loves Deep, but he is just cheating her. Deep makes the dinner a memorable time for her. Aarohi tells him that she is very lucky to get him in her life. Aarohi doesn’t know Deep is going to break her heart. Deep doesn’t feel guilty as its his clever plan to get an entry in Aarohi’s life. He plays with her emotions, while keeping an innocent smile on his face. Tara sees Deep and Aarohi away from home, and raids in their room to get the bracelet.

Tara is worried and looks for her bracelet. She angrily scolds Deep. She tells him that she has lost her bracelet. Aarohi wears her bracelet and thinks it has Deep’s love in it. Deep tells Tara that he has given that bracelet to Aarohi. She asks him how can he give her bracelet to Aarohi. She threatens to kill Aarohi. Deep pacifies her and says he will get the bracelet back from Aarohi. Tara is very possessive about her love, Deep. She is angered knowing Deep is married to Aarohi. She gets aggressive. Deep promises to get her bracelet. Tara doesn’t want Deep to be with Aarohi. Tara will get her bracelet and love back from Aarohi. Deep expresses love to Tara. Tara reaches Aarohi in middle of the night. Aarohi senses someone in her room. She doesn’t see Tara. Tara manages to snatch her bracelet from Aarohi and disappears. Aarohi gets hurt. Will Aarohi make a place in Deep’s heart? Keep reading.




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