Ishqbaaz: Karwachauth with a twist and revelation

Ishqbaaz - Shivay - Tellyreviews

Anika keeps a watch on Shivay. He teases her knowing she is following. Tania gets angry when she sees Shivay and Anika together. Anika and Shivay lie about their fasts. They both keep the fasts for each other, and don’t reveal it. She expects Shivay to gift her something, but gets upset. Shivay pulls her leg. He wraps up his surprise for Anika. Shivay gets the card for Anika. She asks him to give it to her. He doesn’t say its for her.

Meanwhile, Bhavya tries to know about the caller, who trapped her in the fraud case. Someone stops Bhavya from knowing about the caller. Bhavya misses to know about Abhay. She doesn’t catch him, and becomes his target again. Abhay manages to run away. Abhay has secret motives.

On the other hand, Gauri badly misses Omkara. Gauri lies about Omkara, and keeps his image good. Omkara reaches Bareilly to find her. Gauri keeps the Karwachauth fast for him. Omkara gets a disguise to meet her. Gauri knows Omkara can never be hers now and gets sad.

The Oberois celebrate Karwachauth festive. They wait for moon sighting. Shivay tells Anika that he has a surprise for her. She shows attitude to him. Shivay finds a chance to romance. Anika waits for meeting Shivay. Tania waits to meet her boyfriend. Anika likes Shivay’s surprise which gets unique for her.

She gets happy that Shivay didn’t forget to make the day special for her. Gauri gets to see Omkara when he visits her home. Gauri’s fast completes by Omkara. Bhavya too keeps a fast for Rudra, and breaks her fast seeing his photo. The women in Oberoi mansion break the fast by fulfilling all the rituals of Karwachauth. Shivay and Anika too celebrate their first Karwachauth together. Omkara cracks joke to conceal his identity. Gauri doesn’t understand Omkara, seeing his face and hearing his voice, just by the turban on his head. Omkara lies to her to convince her further. Tania gets disheartened when her boyfriend doesn’t meet her. She threatens to withdraw support. Tania then meets her boyfriend Abhay. They both are against Oberois, to take revenge for their dear one’s loss happened in the fire incident at Kalyani Mills. Abhay wants to ruin the Oberois by using Shivay.


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