Suraj to confront Imli for her biggest fault in Udaan


Sooraj returns to Aazaadgunj on Chakor’s saying. He meets Imli and tries to know about Chakor. Imli lies to him that she didn’t go to meet Chakor. Suraj tells Imli that he has met Chakor and got to know all her lies. He asks her why did she lie to create a huge misunderstanding between him and Chakor. Suraj asks her to answer what forced her to fall so down and manipulate their relation. He doubts Imli is jealous of Chakor. He demands an answer from Imli.

He tells Imli that he has learnt the entire truth, that Chakor didn’t marry Ranvijay and she is bearing their own child. Suraj feels lucky to become a father, while Imli gets angry seeing the couple’s joy. Suraj asks her if Bhaiya ji had made her do all this. Imli doesn’t tell him anything. He tries hard to make her speak out the truth, but Imli manages to do drama and lie to him, to manipulate him once again. She tangles him in her tears. Suraj gets upset with her. He tells Imli that her big mistake can never be forgiven now. Imli gets in tension, since all her hardwork, efforts and evil cleverness flopped.

Suraj thinks of meeting Chakor’s parents and telling them about Chakor. Suraj meets Kasturi and Bhuvan. He tells them that he has met Chakor in Banaras, and sorted out all the differences which has risen by Imli’s lies. He informs them that Chakor still loves him, and she is bearing his child. Kasturi and Bhuvan get happy to know their problems got resolved. They all look forward to meet Chakor.

Chakor tells Ranvijay that Kamal Narayan is the one who has made her bandhua in Aazaadgunj. He tells her that Kamal Narayan is his dad’s murderer, and he will not spare Bhaiya ji’s son now. Chakor tries to get some help from Ranvijay’s family and constable to make a call to Suraj. She wants to alert Suraj at the earliest. She feels danger on Suraj’s head is getting high with time. Ranvijay warns his family against helping Chakor. He then takes care of Chakor. He stops her from watching anything bad on tv, which can have a wrong effect on the child. Chakor gets confused between his two personalities. Chakor makes a plan to get herself and other women free from Ranvijay’s clutches. Suraj tries to get his men and leave for Banaras to rescue Chakor.


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