Pooja to test Naren’s limits in Piyaa Albela


Pooja confronts Naren for his new game. Naren tells her that she knows him very well. She asks him not to spoil Anuj’s marriage by his enmity. Naren jokes that Pooja has a heart, which fears for her family. He asks her to attend Anuj’s marriage, as they all have few moments of life left. Pooja gets a shock when Naren threatens Pooja about her family. He tells her that she can never melt his heart. He says her over smartness can be proved costly. Anuj and Rachel get married. Naren wants revenge from Pooja. He just wants to counter her for ruining his life. Pooja gets worried for her family.

Naren tells her that he will change the marriage moment into a sorrowful one, and this will be a gift from Pooja to Anuj. Pooja doesn’t stop Naren, even after knowing his plan. She wants to test her belief on Naren. She wants to see if Naren’s heart has really become a stone. Naren tries to scare her. He tells her that he is not joking, she will be ruining everything by her decision. Pooja gets prepared to accept the fate. Naren gets compelled by his conscience, and stops his madness. Pooja and Naren’s relation will come on track soon.


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