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Mannu expresses her wish to make Amba the heir. Amba and Mannu try to convince the panchayat. The panchayat members doesn’t agree to them. They raise a question whether a woman can become a Shah. They don’t want to make any widow the village head. They ask Amba if she called them home to fulfill her motive. They criticize Amba and Mannu’s wish. They refuse to make Amba the Shah of Pavaniya clan. They don’t have dinner in the Karwachauth ceremony organized at Pavaniya house. Amba tries to stop them, but fails.


Ranvijay got adamant to marry Chakor. He has turned mad for her. Ranvijay shows his true colors. He tells Chakor that she can’t leave from his house forever now, he will be marrying her. He wants to make Chakor his bride. He shows her the jewelry and asks her to choose anything. He makes his mum gift jewelry to Chakor. He tells Chakor that the jewelry will suit her. Chakor tells him that he knows her marriage has happened. He says you got divorced also, your marriage is void and now we will be marrying.


Durga manages to get a wild card entry in the district race. She spots a thief running away with a bag. The people shout for help. Durga runs after the thief, unaware that the thief has looted her dad Yashpal. Durga runs much faster, which surprises the onlookers. They all praise Durga’s running speed. Durga manages to catch the thief and gets the bag to handover to its owner. She happens to see Yashpal, who acknowledges her talent in heart. He doesn’t applaud her, and goes for his work. Durga gets inspired after watching a play on Bhagat Singh. She gets ready to follow the same path and compete with a truck on the highway, as part of her running practice. Rajveer gets recovering. Durga gets a new hope.

Arjun and Saanjh have called Maya home, unknown she is the surrogate. Maya has returned to double up their problems. Maya and Arjun will be coming face to face, after much chase. Maya doesn’t want Arjun and Saanjh to have any moment to get happy for a second. Maya will be becoming the surrogate mother of their child, and get the game in her favor.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja confronts Naren for his new game. Naren tells her that she knows him very well. She asks him not to spoil Anuj’s marriage by his enmity. Naren jokes that Pooja has a heart, which fears for her family. He asks her to attend Anuj’s marriage, as they all have few moments of life left. Pooja gets a shock when Naren threatens Pooja about her family. He tells her that she can never melt his heart. He says her over smartness can be proved costly. Anuj and Rachel get married. Naren wants revenge from Pooja. He just wants to counter her for ruining his life. Pooja gets worried for her family.

Woh Apna Sa:

The show has taken a leap. Aditya and Jhanvi are seen in new avatars. Aditya is hopeful that his life partner will be coming his way soon, Lord will get her in his life. A designer garments shop owner fixes Jhanvi’s posters without her permission. Jhanvi gets angry on the man and asks him how can he use her pictures. She makes him removes all the posters.



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