Uma’s decision upsets one and all in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Uma announces Saras turning into a sevika in next few days. Kanak opposes Uma’s decision. Kanak asks Uma to go with Saras and make her abandon her normal living necessities. Uma gets hurt. Its tough for him as well, but he doesn’t change his decision. He tells Kanak that she can’t force him to change his decision, as he is doing this to follow the Dharm path. Saras asks Uma not to see her giving up her dreams and happiness. She prefers to go alone and take the first step towards her new life. Kanak feels sorry for Saras. Uma breaks down when he sees Saras’ memories.

Saras meets Vansh and informs him about the major change in her life. Maasi and Paulmi help Saras and Vansh get together, so that they can help them elope and frame Kanak. Paulmi is happy to know Vansh’s love for Saras. Saras asks Vansh to stay away from her, as she is going to undertake Brahmacharya life. She starts sacrificing her dreams. Vansh stops her and tells her that their marriage rituals will begin from today and marriage will be done in next five days.

Vansh fulfills the haldi rasam with Saras. Kanak tries to make Uma realize how he is changing Saras’ life. Saras gives up her adornment. She feels shattering. Paulmi doesn’t care for her, while Kanak tries to change Uma’s mindset. Uma tells Kanak that he will never leave his Dharm, even when he has to cross thorns in his way. Maasi feels sorry for Saras. Saras gives herself a wound and sticks to obey Uma’s decision. Kanak gets determined to stop Uma. She promises Saras that she won’t let her become a Saint’s servant and lead a Brahmacharya life. Kanak shares her plans with Maasi, not knowing that Maasi is the one who is trying to frame her.


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