Anami’s life falls in danger in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Adhiraj doesn’t put Anami in trouble. She asks him to leave. He gets adamant. She beats him up to make him leave. Adhiraj hangs to her balcony. She kicks out Adhiraj. Dadi tells Satrupa that she does yoga as Anami does, as Anami is inspiring him these days. Dadi and Satrupa have a talk as they both want to secure their only heir Anami. Dadi tells about the danger on Anami’s head.

Dadi asks Satrupa to see Anami and Narottam are bonding well. She asks Satrupa to do something. Satrupa asks Dadi to explain Anami. Dadi tells her what Anami is asking about Sudha. Satrupa gets angry that Narottam is telling the history to Anami. Dadi asks her not to do anything against Narottam, else she will lose Anami. She doesn’t want Satrupa to get Anami’s hatred. Dadi suggests her to deal with Anami with love. Dadi asks Satrupa to be alert, as Sudha is very dangerous for Anami.

The college students group plan to teach Anami a lesson in the chemical lab. They fool Anami. Avdhoot gets informed that Anami will not return home. Pujan has also sent a goon after her. Pujan wants to get the results met. He tells Avdhoot that he has taken the step to ensure his son becomes the heir. Anami falls in the trap. She gets fainting by the chemical smoke. Her life falls in danger. Adhiraj reaches the college to pick Tania. Tania tries to know about Anami. She doesn’t get to see Anami in college. Anami fails to manage to leave from the lab. She falls unconscious, while Pujan’s goon reach to kidnap her.


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