Bhairavi’s new plan against Simar in Sasural Simar Ka


Bhairavi got a tantric baba to expose Simar. When he comes home, the family gets shocked. The man tells them that he has come home for how work and will take Mata Rani blessings. Bhairavi tells them that the Baba got blessed by Mata Rani and has big powers. Sameer asks what is all this, what is she doing, he has no belief in this. Simar meets the tantric, who checks her feet to know if she is a ghost. Simar doesn’t get tensed.

The Mata trishul goes towards the man. He gets scared. The tantric falls back and tells Bhairavi that Simar has some powers in her. Bhairavi gets worried. She wants to know if Simar is real or fake, if she is alive or a spirit. She wants the tantric to control Simar if she is any ghost. She asks the tantric how did he fall back, what did he see when he saw Simar. She is keen to find Simar’s truth. Bhairavi has laid her trap. Simar will be facing the tantric.


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