Omkara tries to win Gauri’s heart in Ishqbaaz

Omkara tells Anika that she shouldn’t worry about Shivay in Ishqbaaz

The goons come to Gauri’s house to get the rent. The goons don’t give more time. Gauri begs them to give some time so that she can work and earn money. Omkara comes to her rescue. He pays the rent to goons. Gauri stops him from doing so, and says he doesn’t need to pay the rent, who is he, why is he helping her. Omkara helps her and asks her not to worry about returning money. He has realized his mistakes. He is ready to do anything for Gauri. He tells Gauri that he needed a home to stay, and he got the place now, he will stay with her as the paying guest and also entertain her with his jokes, he has paid the money as the advance. He asks her not to worry for anything. Gauri gets food for him. Omkara gets happy seeing the food.

He tells her that he was very hungry. Gauri tells him that they make plain food, as per their status. Omkara tells her that he can have anything she gives with love, plain food keeps everything clean, he loves the food. He apologizes to her. He does the Sardar act. She asks him why is he apologizing, when she should thank him for saving her from goons. Omkara doesn’t tell her the truth. He tells her that he didn’t ask her if she will have food, when she got the food for him, its bad manners, so he is sorry. Gauri asks him to have food well. He is trying to win her heart and get her back home. Gauri gets hurt while stitching clothes. Omkara gets worried and cares for her.

Meanwhile, Shivay and Anika get into an argument. He angrily throws his phone. He expresses his anger. Anika also throws her phone to answer. Shivay is finding the secret of the mills incident. Anika couldn’t do the work he told her. He asks her not to give excuses and accept her mistake. He has asked her to manage the memorial event, but she failed to keep an eye on the mystery man. She tells him that she has tried much to catch the guy, but couldn’t get him as she got distracted. Shivay says you know it was so much important to catch him, I have organized the memorial event just to get that culprit. Anika understands him. He gets upset with her. Dadi hears their conversation and asks Anika to always support Shivay.


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