Ruhi to break the peace again in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Ruhi breaks down after a fearful rejection

Everyone keeps the Karwachauth fast and enjoys the functions. Ruhi keeps the fast for Nikhil. While the women do the puja, Ruhi misses to do puja, but Simmi helps her in time. Simmi makes Ruhi conclude the puja. Parmeet helps Ruhi in seeing Nikhil’s face to break her fast. Ishita and Raman celebrate the festive along with other couples. Happiness knocks in Shagun’s life as well. Shagun tells Mani that she is lucky to get him in her life. She thanks Mani from heart and asks him to promise to become her husband. Mani promises to wed her in next seven births. They have a romantic moment.

Parmeet makes Simmi faint so that Ishita and Simmi get into a fight. Ishita sprinkles water on Simmi. Parmeet lies that Ishita fed water to Simmi and broke her fast. Simmi scolds Ishita for being jealous of her happiness. Parmeet knows Ruhi and Nikhil’s meet will upset family. Nikhil asks Ruhi not to keep any fast for him again. Ruhi wants Nikhil to be her family’s part. Raman spots them together. He loses his temper. He beats up Nikhil and drags him to the family. Ishita defends himself in front of Simmi. The family feels Ishita is wrong. Simmi tells why the fast meant a lot for her. Ruhi takes Ishita’s side and stops Simmi from scolding Ishita. Ishita gets a relief for a moment.

The family then sees Nikhil. Ishita confronts Ruhi for keeping fast for Nikhil. Ruhi clears that she loves Nikhil and she will always meet him. She misbehaves with Ishita. Ruhi takes a stand for Nikhil and shouts on Raman, which makes Ishita slap her. Ruhi crosses her limits. Ishita doesn’t tolerate her bad behavior. Parmeet gets happy seeing the family drama.

Ruhi tells them that she can do anything for Nikhil. Raman asks Nikhil to get away from Ruhi’s life if he wants to see her happy. Nikhil refuses to leave. Parmeet asks Nikhil to come with him. Shagun tells Mani about Adi and Aaliya’s first Karwachauth. Mani asks her not to worry and call Aaliya. Shagun calls Bhallas and learns about Ruhi and Nikhil’s karwachauth. Ishita requests Nikhil to leave. Ruhi prefers to go with Simmi. She gets away from Raman and Ishita. They cry that their relation with Ruhi is changing because of Nikhil. Ishita feels she has lost as a mother.


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