Yeh Rishta to have a double Bidaai twist


Naira’s bidaai will also happen from Goenka house. Kartik is upset with Naira for hiding such a big truth from him. He feels Naksh doesn’t love Kirti and will not keep her happy. The family members dance and get set for Kirti’s emotional bidaai. Kirti meets everyone and cries. Everyone blesses Kirti and is sure that Kirti will get much happiness in her inlaws. Kartik gets mistaken that Naira has locked him inside the room, when Naksh was marrying Kirti and taking rounds. Kartik was locked by Dadi, so that he doesn’t tell anyone Naksh’s truth and doesn’t stop the marriage. Kartik is very angry on Naksh. He felt Naksh and Kirti like each other and wanted to marry, but that’s not the truth.

Kartik gets freed after the marriage completes. Kartik attends Kirti’s bidaai with a heavy heart and worries for her future. He knows Singhania will love Kirti but wants Naksh to equally respect Kirti. He feels Naksh has cheated Kirti by hiding his feelings and true intentions. Kirti hugs Kartik and cries asking him to take care. Kartik stays annoyed with Naksh. He can’t see Kirti’s bidaai. He leaves from there. He gets into a big argument with Kartik.

Things started getting worse. Naira tries to balance the things and keeps Kartik’s anger away. Naira believed in Naksh’s saying that he really means to marry Kirti by his heart. Naira tries explaining this to Kartik and he doesn’t believe her. Kirti’s doli leaves from Goenka house. Naksh promises Manish that he will always keep Kirti happy. Everyone blesses Naksh. Singhanias wait to welcome Kirti home, and get a shock when Naira lands home with her bags. They get a huge shock on knowing Kartik has sent Naira home after their fight. Kartik tells Naira that he can never forgive her. Kartik will soon the truth that Naira didn’t keep him away from Kirti’s marriage, it was Dadi who has locked him up, since Dadi wanted Kirti’s marriage to happen with peace.



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