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Shakti: Soumya and Harman get on a hunger strike. Soumya is supporting him as much as she can. Saaya and all the kinners sit to have food. Harman’s mood spoils. He is upset as Soumya is not having any food because of concern. Harman also leaves the food. He can’t have food when Soumya is staying hungry. Saaya understands that Harman loves Soumya a lot. Soumya has annoyance with kinners. She doesn’t want Harman to play dhol and beg on road to get money. She feels bad and thinks its all happening because of her. Harman doesn’t feel any shame to go with kinners group.


Avni has left the house, while Neil is trying to find Juhi’s daughter. Their problems will get high with Vidyut’s entry. Neil and Neela read Avni’s letter and cries. Neil tells Neela that he is going to find Juhi’s daughter, he has got the info about her. Neela gets upset with him. She thinks he doesn’t care for Avni, Juhi was his first love but the truth is Avni is his wife, she is his present.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Naina is scared of her dad. She has taken permission to attend Suman’s birthday. He tells her that he will drop Naina to Suman’s house. Naina has lied to him to attend Sameer’s birthday bash. Aunt tells him that she will go with Naina. He says I m still alive, I will go, else I will have to hear many taunts from others. He doesn’t want Naina to go with anyone else.

Meri Durga:

Durga takes a tough decision to compete with a truck at the highway junction. She wants everyone to know her talent. She takes the big risk and spreads the news about her dangerous race stunt. Yashpal and Sanjay get to read the shocking news in the newspaper. They both don’t support Durga in risking her life. They fear that Durga may face death by her madness. Durga wants everyone to awaken and see her real talent, which needs a chance to complete in the district race. Having tried all the things to seek a wild card entry in the race, Durga refuses to Sanjay who promises to get the entry using his contacts.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara creates hurdles in Phalguni’s way. She starts ruining Phalguni. Phalguni goes to deliver the saree, but faces problems on the way. She manages to get the saree and reaches the shop to deliver it. The shop owner scolds her for coming late and making him suffer in his business. Phalguni faces wrath of the people in market. Uttara gets happy seeing the live telecast. Suyash looks forward to meet Phalguni.

Tu Sooraj MSPJ:

Uma is angry on Saras, for cheating the family and marrying Vansh. Uma prepares the funeral pyre and keeps Saras’ photo. He calls the pandit. Pandit asks Uma why did he ask for all the puja items. Uma asks him to conclude the last rites puja. Kanak asks Uma what is he doing. Uma says I m going to do Saras’ last rites, I declare her dead for the family. The family receives a shock. Kanak tries to calm down his anger. She tells him that his anger is justified, but he can’t get blind in anger. She stops him from doing the rituals. Uma pushes her away.


Mannu scolds Raj for coming home in disguise of a woman. She threatens to tell Amba about him. Raj confesses love and tells her that he is not scared of anyone, she can do anything she wants. Raj is ready to bear any consequences. Mannu tells him that just he will be responsible for everything that happens now. Amba sees Mannu’s anger on Pramila and asks the matter. Mannu throws Raj’s belongings out. Raj is trying to save Mannu and Amba from Chandar’s bad game.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Devi tries to help someone. She gets leaving from the haveli at night. Adhiraj stops her. He catches her. He doesn’t let her go in her friend’s marriage. She tells him that its important for her to go, as she has to save her friend’s life. Adhiraj then lets her go. She gets surprised when he allows her. Devi doesn’t want any problem to happen in her friend’s life. Adhiraj will gradually change by Devi’s influence. Devi tells her mum in law that her war is with herself, once she wins to herself, she will win over everyone. Adhiraj asks her to see whom is she facing this time. He tells her that even her Lord won’t support her.



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