Custody dispute for Anami next in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami starts falling in love with Adhiraj. She finds him equally caring. Adhiraj relieves her pain. Anami doesn’t accept that she likes Adhiraj. He tells her that he didn’t cheat her, it was his duty to find about her. He asks her to be alert as she can face attack anywhere. He apologizes for not receiving her call on time. He asks her to call for help if she wants. Anami’s cute arguments bring a smile on his face.

Adhiraj advises Baldev to be careful for Anami. Baldev doesn’t care a damn. Adhiraj asks him to be a responsible father. He doesn’t want any danger to be on Anami again. Pujan faces Adhiraj. He doubts on Adhiraj for reaching the place without any info. Baldev too questions Adhiraj. Adhiraj doesn’t answer their nonsense talk. Baldev gets into a heated argument with Adhiraj. Adhiraj just cares for Anami. He tries to secure Anami from Lal Mahal members. Anami falls for Adhiraj. She romances Adhiraj in imagination. Tania understands Adhiraj is in love. She asks him to share about the girl. He doesn’t tell her about Anami. Anami asks Satrupa not to worry for her safety. Sudha sends her maid to Satrupa to make her reach the attacker.

Satrupa follows the lead and reaches the place to nab the culprit. Satrupa punishes the attacker. Narottam witnesses the incident. His motive gets fulfilled. Satrupa thinks the danger on Anami ended. She doesn’t know Sudha’s motives. Satrupa gives some money to Sudha’s maid for providing her info. Anami misses her foster family. Adhiraj files for Anami’s custody case when Satrupa fails to secure Anami from the surrounding enemies. He tells Satrupa that Anami’s foster parents have complete right to get her custody. Satrupa refuses to give her daughter to anyone. Adhiraj raises a question on Satrupa, why she failed to save Vatsalya from the enemies. Satrupa doesn’t want to part away with Anami.


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