Satrupa fears to lose Anami in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Adhiraj learns about the attack on Anami. Anami tells him how she has faced the chemical gas which took down her senses. Adhiraj understands someone is planning to harm Anami to remove her from Lal Mahal. Pujan wants his son to become the heir of Lal Mahal’s business. Pujan gets a huge shock on seeing Anami back home. He didn’t expect his goons to fail. On the other hand, Satrupa gets a lead from Sudha’s side. She gets hesitant to take Sudha’s help to find the attacker who wanted to kidnap or murder Anami. Even then, a mother falls weak and gets ready to meet Sudha to protect Anami.

Satrupa has already lost Vatsalya. She feels she is very unfortunate to lose her son. Her conscience shakes her up. Satrupa had given Anami to Murari to save her life. She didn’t wish anyone to know her secret. She never expected Vatsalya to die and Lal Mahal needing a heir. Anami calls her selfish enough to give her separation as a reward. She taunts her for recalling her crimes. Satrupa can’t lose Anami to her enemies. She is surrounded by Pujan, Sudha, Narottam and Avdhoot. How will Satrupa protect her other child from Lal Mahal’s conspiracies? Keep reading.



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