Deep fakes a heroic act to impress Aarohi in Ishq Mein Marjawa


Deep and Tara are framing Aarohi in the series of murders committed by Tara. Tara is mad to kill people for their cheat. Deep is mad in her love. He has vowed to protect her through any problem. Deep has married Aarohi with a plan to put the blames of Tara’s crimes on her, so that Tara gets saved and they live a happy peaceful life. Deep knows Tara since childhood and supported her in all odd times. He loves her a lot and wants her sins to be written in Aarohi’s hands. When Maya doubts Deep, he asks her to cover his sins. Maya refuses to do so, but he threatens her. Tara doesn’t want Deep to be with Aarohi. He asks her to have some patience, as he is close to achieve his intentions. Deep is making Aarohi crazy in his love.

Deep and Aarohi go out on an icecream date. Aarohi teases him. Deep sees her lively happy side. Aarohi enjoys the icecreams. She turns naughty. Deep gets a call from Tara. He avoids talking in front of Aarohi. Tara gets jealous of Aarohi. A truck speeds towards Aarohi. Deep jumps to save her in time. Deep has planned the attack on her and saved her to make her trust him. Aarohi thanks him for saving her life. She feels Deep is the one with whom she is most secured. Will Aarohi see his true face? Keep reading.



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