Harman to fulfill the biggest challenge in Shakti


Saaya tells Harman that he has to earn money, when he goes to his house and asks Preeto for the Nek, then he will pass the test and get Tarana with him. She asks him to go to his family with the kinners and play dhol. Harman tells Saaya that she doesn’t know his love, he is ready to do anything for Soumya. He agrees to go home and ask Nek from Preeto. Saaya thinks there will be something that Harman will fail to fulfill a condition. She has told this thing to stop him. But, when he agrees, Saaya gets a shock. Soumya fears thinking about Preeto’s reaction. She doesn’t want Harman to go home. Harman pacifies Soumya and tells her that her love gives him the strength, he can fulfill the task and then take his wife home with respect. They have a moment of togetherness.

Harman does the Jalebi party with the kinners. He gets the Jalebis by his hardearned money. He gets flowers for Soumya. Saaya spoils his mood by keeping this new condition. Harman finds it hard, but knows Saaya is just testing his love. Saaya knows Harman is madly in love with Soumya. What will happen when Preeto sees Harman asking for Nek, while roaming in the city with kinners’ group? Keep reading.



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