Naamkarann: Neil and Avni to meet in Goa


Avni reaches Goa. She is finding Neil and Juhi’s daughter Mishti. She is trying hard to get Mishti. She gets a clue about her and meets a man who helps her in tracing the girl. Her search comes to an end when she sees Mishti. She misses Neil. Neil is also trying to find Avni. Neil also reaches Goa. They both will attempt to get Mishti home.

Avni and Neil meet and have a romantic moment. Neil was longing to see her. He didn’t expect to meet Avni at the shores. Neil hugs her being excited on ending his search for Avni. Neil doesn’t inform the family that he has come to Goa. He is finding his daughter, but can’t tell family to upset them more. Neil and Avni spend time with each other. Neil flirts with some girl to tease Avni. Avni fights with Neil. Avni enjoys her time and recalls the old memories. She gets a smile on face thinking of him. They get the girl with them. Mishti misses her dad. Mishti sees a man pampering a little boy. She wishes her dad was such loving. Mishti goes to find her dad. Avni looks for her. Avni feels bad for Mishti. The upcoming twists will be shocking.


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