Avni gets in dilemma over Neil-Juhi’s bond in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni have a romantic dance and get relief from their stress. They get disturbed by Juhi’s cry. Juhi worries for her daughter. Neil gets concerned. Bebe and Prakash decide to take Juhi to a counsellor. The family plans a wedding for Neil and Avni. The couple leave for finding the girl. They reach the girl in disguise of NGO workers. Bebe tells Neela that Neil and Avni will come home soon. Neela fears for Avni’s future. She shares her worries with Avni.

Someone gives a note to Juhi to threaten her. Neil, Avni and DD fail to catch the clown. They read the note that they will never get the girl. Avni asks Juhi not to worry, they will find the girl. Neil asks Juhi to stop feeling guilty. Juhi wishes them for their anniversary. She decides to leave from his house.

Neil sends DD with her, so that he doesn’t put her life in danger. He wants to ensure she stays fine. Shweta tells Avni that Juhi couldn’t see all this so she has gone. She gives a surprise to Avni. Avni gets happy, while Neil gets irked that none cares for Juhi and the girl. Neil tells them that they failed to find the innocent little girl. He asks how can his family celebrate in such a time. Shweta doesn’t want to let happiness go away. Neil gets upset. He tells Avni that he is worried for his daughter. Neela finds their relation spoiling.


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