Naksh and Kirti tie the knot in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Kartik gets locked in the room, and blames Naira for this. Naira stops him from spoiling the marriage. Naira stays worried while Naksh and Kirti take the rounds. Kartik tries hard to reach the altar. He fails to stop the marriage. Suwarna tells Naira that Kirti is happy to have Manish and Kartik with her. Naira fears things will change once Kartik reveals the truth. Kartik gets free and comes to stop the marriage. Naksh and Kirti tie the knot. Naira unites them. Kartik gets angry seeing Naksh.

Kirti tells Kartik that she is very happy with the marriage. Kartik stops himself from spoiling her happiness. He controls his anger when Naksh assures Kirti’s happiness. The elders bless Naksh and Kirti. Everyone gets happy for Naksh and Kirti’s new life. Manish is happy that Kirti got good inlaws. Naira and Kartik get into an argument. Everyone gifts memories to Kirti in her bidaai ceremony. Kartik feels Naira cheated him. He gets angry on himself, failing to accept how Naira locked him to keep him away from the marriage. He gets heartbroken and angrily breaks up with Naira.


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