Suraj to pay for Bhaiya ji’s crimes in Udaan


Chakor informs Suraj about Ranvijay and Bhaiya’s connection. She reveals why Ranvijay is going mad to take revenge from Bhaiya ji by killing his son. She tells Suraj that his life is in danger, Ranvijay is like a psycho and he will never understand if they try to explain their innocence. Ranvijay wants to kill Suraj to hurt Bhaiya ji, but he doesn’t know that Bhaiya ji has no emotions even for his son. Suraj tells Chakor that he knows Ranvijay’s dad who used to come home with Bhaiya ji. He didn’t know about his murder.

Chakor asks Suraj to stay in Aazaadgunj till she updates him any changes. Ranvijay catches Chakor red handed when she talks to Suraj. He gets mad and tells her that he loves her and he will never let her go back to her husband. Ranvijay gets more revengeful against Suraj. Chakor gets bounded by Ranvijay further. Ranvijay plans to marry Chakor. He starts dreaming for their marriage, and forces her to accept his proposal. He threatens to kill his family if she refuses to him. How will Suraj save Chakor this time? Keep reading.


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