TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Sasural Simar Ka: Bhairavi called the tantrik to get rid of Simar, but her plan backfires. Simar meets the tantrik. The man was supposed to make Simar free from the spirit. He calls Simar at his place and tells her that today he will torture her and even Mata Rani can’t save her. Simar freezes him. She tells him that no one can do anything to her. She leaves from there. He fails to move from his place. He shouts for help. She has taught a lesson to him. On coming home, Simar gets some bad vibes. Roshni asks Simar to have the milk, as she has to get healthy. Simar faints after drinking the drugged milk. Bhairavi is using Roshni, knowing Simar trusts Roshni much.

Piyaa Albela:
Surbhi and Pooja have a cat fight. The evil doers trouble Supriya again. Pooja keeps an eye on Surbhi, who tries to trap Naren. Pooja senses Supriya is in trouble. Pooja saves Supriya in time. Harish learns about the attack on Supriya. Naren worries for Supriya’s life. Pooja too gets suffering. Naren turns caring towards Pooja, which gives a new hope to her. Naren’s hatred begins to lessen. Pooja thanks him for breaking her karwachauth fast. Naren makes it clear to her that he has no feelings for her, and he was just helping her. Pooja is happy that Naren atleast turned towards humanity.

Ishq Mein Marjawan:

Deep and Aarohi go out on an icecream date. Aarohi teases him. Deep sees her lively happy side. Aarohi enjoys the icecreams. She turns naughty. Deep gets a call from Tara. He avoids talking in front of Aarohi. Tara gets jealous of Aarohi. A truck speeds towards Aarohi. Deep jumps to save her in time. Deep has planned the attack on her and saved her to make her trust him.

Mannu fills courage in the village women. She asks them to decide if they want their freedom, protective and self dependency or their jewelry to feed their husband’s ego. The women oppose their husbands and decide to support Amba in making a Mahila Mandal for the welfare of helpless women. Raj and Mannu badly fail Chandar’s plan.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Aaliya and Tanu get saved from Purab. Purab and Disha are helping Pragya. Aaliya wants to get Abhi’s property on her name. Tanu is glad that Purab didn’t get their file. Aaliya checks the file well. Raj doesn’t believe Aaliya, as she is not even loyal to Abhi. Disha wishes Aaliya lands in problem, so that they find the file and save Abhi. Pragya feels like cheating Abhi by hiding the truth from him. Pragya prays that everything gets fine. Aaliya gets determined to take revenge from Abhi.


Saaya tells Harman that he has to earn money, when he goes to his house and asks Preeto for the Nek, then he will pass the test and get Tarana with him. She asks him to go to his family with the kinners and play dhol. Harman tells Saaya that she doesn’t know his love, he is ready to do anything for Soumya. He agrees to go home and ask Nek from Preeto. Saaya thinks there will be something that Harman will fail to fulfill a condition. She has told this thing to stop him. But, when he agrees, Saaya gets a shock.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Shorvori gets critical. She collapses in front of Teni. Parth has no idea about Shorvori’s illness. Even then, he senses she is in problem when she falls unconscious. Shorvori is bearing much emotional stress, along with the deadly illness. She couldn’t handle things in time. Parth’s love for her has become a weakness. Shorvori has kept the fast for Parth. Just Teni knows this truth. Shorvori has created hatred for her in everyone’s hearts. Bhanushalis pity for Parth, knowing what tough phase his marriage is going through.

Jiji Maa:
Phalguni joins a job to earn money for Niyati. She serves the guests in a party. She gets humiliated by some women, while a woman gets impressed by Phalguni’s down to earth nature. Suyash waits for her on the route where he has first spotted her. Suyash meets Phalguni. He starts liking her more. Phalguni attends a function and gives the embroidered saree to Uttara Devi to pay honor. Uttara Devi takes it as an insult. She has tried to get Phalguni humiliated by paying money for the work. She gets angry when she gets the inauspicious saree.


Avni reaches Goa. She is finding Neil and Juhi’s daughter Mishti. She is trying hard to get Mishti. She gets a clue about her and meets a man who helps her in tracing the girl. Her search comes to an end when she sees Mishti. She misses Neil. Neil is also trying to find Avni. Neil also reaches Goa. They both will attempt to get Mishti home.

Woh Apna Sa:
Aditya manages to see Jhanvi again. He plays the same song, which he played for Jhanvi in his last birth. He recalls Jhanvi and his eternal love. Jhanvi visits Nisha’s house. She also gets flashes of her past. She gets troubled. Aditya and Jhanvi will be recalling past soon.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:
Satrupa has already lost Vatsalya. She feels she is very unfortunate to lose her son. Her conscience shakes her up. Satrupa had given Anami to Murari to save her life. She didn’t wish anyone to know her secret. She never expected Vatsalya to die and Lal Mahal needing a heir. Anami calls her selfish enough to give her separation as a reward. She taunts her for recalling her crimes. Satrupa can’t lose Anami to her enemies. She is surrounded by Pujan, Sudha, Narottam and Avdhoot. How will Satrupa protect her other child from Lal Mahal’s conspiracies?



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