High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Naina has come to a temple to get a good husband. Pandit suggests her some puja to get a good life partner. Sameer and Naina together pray. They want each other as life partners. They are hesitant to share their feelings. Pandit tells Naina to serve the cow for some days and she will get a good husband. Sameer teases Naina for her wish. He asks her will she pick cow dung now. He distracts her and rings the temple bell. Naina sees Sameer while praying. A man tells Sameer that Lord answers everyone’s prayers. Sameer and Naina take the aarti.


Kartik gets angry on Naira. He breaks the mirrors and things in a storeroom, and vents out his anger. Naira decides to go home along with Naksh, Kirti and Singhanias. Naira is innocent, but she bears Kartik’s anger. He can’t tolerate Kirti’s happiness to shatter once again. Naira fails to explain him. Kartik tells her that she knew Naksh doesn’t love Kirti, even then she has hidden this. Kartik has a misunderstanding about Naksh. Naksh and Kirti have gone through bitter past. They were confused about each other at first, but now they got married willingly.



Suraj lands in Banaras and meets Chakor. Suraj seeks help from Pandit Radheshyam. Chakor is not able to contact Suraj. Ranvijay has created troubles for Chakor. Suraj has learnt that Ranvijay is forcing Chakor for marriage. Suraj is trying to save Chakor. He tells Radheshyam that he never tried to kill Chakor, it was all a misunderstanding. Suraj recalls their happy times. He faces the hurdles posed by Ranvijay.


Saaya has kept a condition for Harman to go to his house and get Nek from Preeto. Harman visits his house, playing dhol and getting kinners along. He asks Preeto to give him some nek. Preeto and Harak get a shock seeing Harman with kinners group. Harman is Preeto’s life. She couldn’t see him in such a situation. Harman is determined that he has to get Soumya. He is fulfilling Saaya’s conditions to get his love. Preeto begs Harman to come back home. Harman tells her that he is doing this for his wife. He manages to get nek from Preeto.


Avni gets Mishti and takes care of her. Neil decides to give Mishti to Juhi. Ali is finding Avni in Goa. Ali spots her. Neil tells Avni that Ali has seen her, and she has to be careful. Neil knows about her. Ali informs Neil that he has seen Avni. Neil asks Avni to be careful, no one should know where she has gone. Neil and Avni are hiding their intentions. Avni is on her secret mission to take Mishti safely home. She wants to help Juhi. Vidyut gets angry that he lost Mishti. He shoots at himself in his madness. Vidyut hates women. He sends his goon to catch Mishti and the woman who took her away. Neil doesn’t want Avni’s life to fall in danger.

Waaris: Mannu and Raj follow Priyanka to reach Chandar. They don’t know Chandar is plotting against them. Mannu thinks to expose the culprit. Chandar tells his plan which is actually something bigger. He wants to end Mannu’s hope. He doesn’t let Mannu reach him. Mannu tries to find her enemy.


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