Mata Rani to stay as Simar in Sasural Simar Ka


A new drama started in Bharadwaj house. Bhairavi wants to know Simar’s truth. She asks Mata ji to make Simar do the puja of Mata Rani. Mata Rani has taken Simar’s place at home. They don’t know Simar is actually a Goddess. Shera sits in Mata Rani’s feet. Simar and Shera leave. The family looks for Simar, and asks Bhairavi where did she go. Bhairavi asks them to have prasad fast. Everyone looks for Simar. Bhairavi lies to them that Simar has gone out for some work, she didn’t disturb them as they were praying.

Everyone gets relief on eating prasad. They like the prasad a lot. Mata ji says Simar has made this prasad, she has a pure heart, she had to do this. Everyone gets worried when Simar doesn’t come back for much time. Piyush tells them that even Shera is not at home. They think where did Simar and Shera go. Simar comes back with Shera. She lies to them that she was just making more prasad. Sameer tells Sanjana that he will support the right person this time, even if Bhairavi is wrong, he will not care to support her.


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