Naira opts to leave Goenka family in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik confronts Naira for knowing about Naksh, that he doesn’t love Kirti, and even then she has let the marriage happen by her planning. He gets angry as she has locked him in room and kept him away. He calls her a liar. Kirti’s bidaai happens. Everyone gets emotional. Kartik blames Naira for being selfish and thinking just for Naksh. He tells her that she never though for Kirti, she has ruined Kirti’s life by getting her in a compromised happiness. Dadi apologizes to Kirti. She tells Kirti that she has just wished for her happiness.

Kirti knows Dadi’s true concern. Dadi and elders bless Kirti. Kartik’s accusations hurt Naira. Naira tells him that he has gone mad. She decides to leave. He tells her to leave, as he doesn’t wish to see her face from now on. Kartik ruins the place to get his anger out. It becomes a shattering moment for Naira. She decides to go with Singhanias.

Kirti gives all the duties to Naira. She leaves behind her family and prepares to take new duties in hand. Everyone bless Kirti to step in her new life. Kirti waits for Kartik. Kartik comes to meet her, but feels heartbroken by Naksh’s cheat. Kartik controls his emotions. Everyone knows Kartik’s emotional state. Kartik wishes Kirti stays happy. The bidaai ceremony moves ahead. Naira tells Dadi that she will also go with her family. Kirti asks her to stay back as Kartik needs her. Naira feels Kartik will be happy with her decision to leave.


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