Neil-Avni to deal with sorrow in Naamkarann


Neil gets a letter from Avni. He learns she has sacrifices her love for Neil and Juhi. Avni finds this option is best for Neil to start a new life with Juhi and their daughter. Avni reaches the airport and gets to meet Vidyut. Neil and the entire family shed tears on reading the letter. Neil didn’t wish Avni’s heart to break. He didn’t think she will walk out of his life. Vidyut breaks down in the flight. Avni happens to hlp him. She gets to see his rude behavior. Vidyut doesn’t want to bear any misbehavior. He misbehaves with others. Avni finds him very strange. Avni stands to answer him. She tells him how she did a favor on him by saving him.

Shweta and Neela cry for Avni. Shweta explains Neil that there is no place for a third person in a relationship. She scolds Neil for being stupid and hurting Avni, which made Avni sacrifice her happiness. She tells Neil that he is the one who has let Avni go because of Juhi. She asks him why did he sacrifice his love for Avni.

Shweta demands an answer from Neil. He gets heartbroken. Neil and Avni miss each other. Avni knows Neil would have not let her go far if she told him her move. She wants Neil to stay with Juhi, who needs his support. Avni doesn’t want anyone to take away her memories. She knows Neil will always be her support. Neela tells Neil that none can find Avni this time, as she has decided to be away from them. Neil assures everyone that he will get Avni back. Neil meets Ali and tells him that Avni has left him. Neil gets into an argument with Ali. Ali decides to find Avni.


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